Every Game On The NFL Schedule, Ranked

By Akiva Wienerkur   May 16, 2022 

Every Game On The NFL Schedule, Ranked

The NFL regular season is comprised of 272 games. Here are our rankings for all of them, from 1 (Buffalo at Kansas City) to 272 (Jacksonville at Detroit).

1. Bills at Chiefs (Week 6)

Rematch of the epic divisional round game from last year.

2. Chiefs at Bucs (Week 4, SNF)

A Super Bowl 55 rematch.

3. Packers at Bucs (Week 3)

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have only started against each other three previous times in their careers.

4. Packers at Bills (Week 8, SNF)

Josh Allen has thrown 46 interceptions during his four year career. Aaron Rodgers has thrown 15 interceptions during that span.

5. Chiefs at Bengals (Week 13)

Rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game that went to overtime.

6. Rams at Chiefs (Week 12)

The Rams return to Missouri for the first time since they headed west.

7. Bills at Bengals (Week 17, MNF)

Feels like this game should be earlier in the season.

8. Rams at Bucs (Week 9)

Rematch of last year’s divisional round game where the Rams blew a 27-6 lead, only to win on a field goal with no time remaining.

9. Bills at Rams (Week 1, Thursday Opener)

Von Miller faces the team he won a Super Bowl with seven months earlier.

10. Cowboys at Packers (Week 10)

Dak Prescott last beat the Packers as a rookie in 2016.

11. Rams at Packers (Week 15, MNF)

The Packers won this game in Lambeau 36-28 last November.

12. Bengals at Bucs (Week 15)

Joe Burrow faces Tom Brady for the first, and likely last, time.

13. Bills at Ravens (Week 4)

Last season, Lamar Jackson had 767 yards on 133 carries (5.8) while Josh Allen ran for 763 yards on 122 carries (6.3).

14. Bucs at Cowboys (Week 1, SNF)

Tom Brady is 15-4 as a starter in Week 1 games.

15. Broncos at Seahawks (Week 1, MNF)

The NFL wasted no time sending Russell Wilson back to Seattle.

16. Chiefs at Cardinals (Week 1)

Four of the top 16 games on this list are happening in Week 1.

17. Cowboys at Rams (Week 5)

18. Bengals at Cowboys (Week 2)

Cincinnati last won in Dallas in 1988. The starting quarterbacks in that game were Boomer Esaison for the Bengals and Steve Pelluer for the Cowboys.

19. Ravens at Bucs (Week 8, TNF)

The last time the Bucs beat the Ravens was in 2002. They scored their 25 points via a safety, a punt return for a TD, a pick six, and three field goals.

20. Chiefs at Broncos (Week 14, SNF)

Patrick Mahomes is +900 to win NFL MVP. Russell Wilson is +1400 to win the award.

21. Bills at Patriots (Week 13, TNF)

The Bills are 4-1 against the Patriots in the post-Brady era.

22. Chiefs at Chargers (Week 11)

The Chiefs have won 13 of their last 16 games against the Chargers.

23. Bucs at Steelers (Week 6)

The last time the Steelers hosted the Buccaneers without Ben Roethlisberger was October 30, 1983.

24. Bengals at Ravens (Week 5, SNF)

25. Chargers at Chiefs (Week 2, TNF)

The last time the Chargers swept the Chiefs was 2013.

26. Steelers at Ravens (Week 17)

27. Rams at Chargers (Week 17, SNF)

The Rams won their first battle of Los Angeles with the Chargers, a 35-23 victory in 2018.

28. Bengals at Steelers (Week 11, SNF)

29. Broncos at Chiefs (Week 17)

30. Patriots at Packers (Week 4)

Super Bowl 31 rematch.

31. Ravens at Bengals (Week 18)

The Ravens outscored the Bengals 65-6 in 2020, but Cincinnati repaid the favor in 2021, outscoring Baltimore 83-38 in a pair of wins.

32. Chiefs at 49ers (Week 7)

Super Bowl 54 rematch.

33. Bucs at Cardinals (Week 16, Xmas)

Tom Brady Super Bowl wins: 7

Arizona Cardinals playoff wins: 7

34. Browns at Texans (Week 13)

Deshaun Watson returns to Houston, assuming he is not suspended.

35. Patriots at Bills (Week 18)

36. Ravens at Steelers (Week 14)

37. Chiefs at Raiders (Week 18)

The Chiefs outscored the Raiders 89-23 last season.

38. Broncos at Rams (Week 16, Xmas)

The Rams have never played on Christmas before in franchise history.

39. Steelers at Bengals (Week 1)

Could this be Kenny Pickett’s NFL debut?

40. Rams at Cardinals (Week 3)

41. Bengals at Patriots (Week 16)

The Bengals last won at New England in 1986.

42. Chargers at Cardinals (Week 12)

43. Cardinals at Rams (Week 10)

44. Ravens at Patriots (Week 3)

The Ravens have never defeated the Patriots on the road during the regular season (0-6) but are 2-2 in New England during the playoffs.

45. Packers at Vikings (Week 1)

46. Chiefs at Colts (Week 3)

47. Broncos at Ravens (Week 13)

48. Steelers at Bills (Week 5)

49. Raiders at Chiefs (Week 5, MNF)

50. Patriots at Steelers (Week 2)

51. Browns at Bills (Week 11)

52. Bucs at 49ers (Week 14)

53. Vikings at Packers (Week 17)

54. Cardinals at Broncos (Week 15)

Russell Wilson is 11-8-1 in his career against the Cardinals.

55. Titans at Chiefs (Week 9, SNF)

56. Vikings at Bills (Week 10)

The last time the Vikings won in Buffalo was 1997. The game was played on August 31 and the starting QB’s were Todd Collins and Brad Johnson.

57. Broncos at Chargers (Week 6, MNF)

Russell Wilson would become the sixth QB in six years to lead the Broncos in passing yards (Trevor Siemian, Case Keenum, Joe Flacco, Drew Lock, Teddy Bridgewater).

58. Colts at Patriots (Week 9)

The last time Indianapolis won in New England was 2006. Peyton Manning threw two TD passes to Marvin Harrison while Tom Brady threw 4 interceptions (and 0 TD).

59. Steelers at Eagles (Week 8)

The Eagles are 48-29-3 all-time in the battle of Pennsylvania.

60. Titans at Bills (Week 2, MNF)

61. Chargers at Broncos (Week 18)

Chargers coach Brandon Staley (+1400) is the preseason favorite for Coach of the Year. Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett (+1600) is tied for second.

62. Cowboys at Vikings (Week 11)

63. Rams at 49ers (Week 4, MNF)

64. Browns at Bengals (Week 14)

65. Bills at Dolphins (Week 3)

66. Packers at Dolphins (Week 16, Xmas)

The first time the NFL played on Christmas Day, the Dolphins won a double overtime playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs, which stands as the longest game in league history. The game ran so long, people complained and the league sat out Christmas for 18 years.

67. 49ers at Broncos (Week 3, SNF)

68. Ravens at Browns (Week 8)

69. Cowboys at Eagles (Week 6, SNF)

70. Bengals at Titans (Week 12)

No two QB’s were sacked more last season than Joe Burrow (51 times) and Ryan Tannehill (47.)

71. Patriots at Vikings (Week 12, Thanksgiving)

The Vikings are 6-2 on Thanksgiving Day… The last time the Patriots played on Thanksgiving, the Butt Fumble happened.

72. 49ers at Rams (Week 8)

73. Dolphins at Bills (Week 15)

74. Bengals at Browns (Week 8, MNF)

75. Chargers at Colts (Week 16, MNF)

76. Browns at Ravens (Week 7)

77. Eagles at Cowboys (Week 16)

78. Patriots at Dolphins (Week 1)

79. Cardinals at 49ers (Week 18)

80. Bucs at Browns (Week 12)

You can get 90-1 odds on the Buccaneers beating the Browns in the Super Bowl.

81. Chargers at Raiders (Week 13)

Justin Herbert is the favorite to finish with the most passing yards at +550. Derek Carr is in the mix at +1000.

82. Raiders at Steelers (Week 16, Saturday)

83. Cowboys at Titans (Week 17, TNF)

84. Broncos at Raiders (Week 4)

85. Chargers at 49ers (Week 10, SNF)

The last time the 49ers beat the Chargers, Ryan Leaf was involved.

86. Patriots at Cardinals (Week 14, MNF)

87. Broncos at Titans (Week 10)

88. Cardinals at Vikings (Week 8)

89. Raiders at Chargers (Week 1)

You can get 20-1 odds that all four AFC West teams make the playoffs.

90. Steelers at Browns (Week 3, TNF)

91. Dolphins at Patriots (Week 17)

92. 49ers at Cardinals (Week 11, MNF, Mexico City)

The first three NFL games at Estadio Azteca all involved AFC teams.

93. Raiders at Broncos (Week 11)

94. Titans at Packers (Week 11, TNF)

95. Patriots at Browns (Week 6)

96. Colts at Broncos (Week 5, TNF)

The all-time series between these teams is tied at 14 apiece.

97. 49ers at Raiders (Week 17)

98. Browns at Steelers (Week 18)

Possible Defensive Player of the Year showcase between the two pre-season favorites for the award, Myles Garrett and T.J. Watt.

99. Colts at Cowboys (Week 13, SNF)

100. Bucs at Saints (Week 2)

101. Patriots at Raiders (Week 15, SNF)

102. Titans at Colts (Week 4)

Jonathan Taylor is the favorite to lead the league in rushing at +500. Derrick Henry is second at +550.


103. Chiefs at Texans (Week 15)

104. Titans at Chargers (Week 15)

105. Raiders at Rams (Week 14, TNF)

These teams have played as the Oakland Raiders against the Los Angeles Rams, then the L.A. Raiders against the L.A. Rams, then the Oakland Raiders against the St. Louis Rams, then the Oakland Raiders against the L.A. Rams, and now the Las Vegas Raiders against the Los Angeles Rams.

106. Steelers at Colts (Week 12, MNF)

107. Cardinals at Raiders (Week 2)

108. Chargers at Browns (Week 5)

109. Dolphins at Bengals (Week 4, TNF)

110. Colts at Titans (Week 7)

111. Steelers at Dolphins (Week 7, SNF)

112. Patriots at Jets (Week 8)

The Pats have swept the Jets in six straight seasons.

113. Packers at Eagles (Week 12, SNF)

114. Vikings at Dolphins (Week 6)

The last time the Vikings won in Miami? 1976.

115. Eagles at Cardinals (Week 5)

116. Browns at Dolphins (Week 10)

117. Packers at Bears (Week 13)

The Packers 45-30 win over the Bears in December was the second highest scoring game between the two franchises in their 204 game history.

118. Eagles at Colts (Week 11)

119. Dolphins at Ravens (Week 2)

120. Commanders at Colts (Week 8)

121. Raiders at Titans (Week 3)

122. Saints at Bucs (Week 13, MNF)

The Bucs finishing first in the NFC South and the Saints finishing second is just +150.

123. Bears at Patriots (Week 7, MNF)

The Bears have never won in New England and are 1-8 against the Patriots since Super Bowl 20.

124. Saints at Cardinals (Week 7, TNF)

125. Dolphins at Chargers (Week 14)

126. Cowboys at Commanders (Week 18)

127. Bills at Bears (Week 16)

128. Jets at Patriots (Week 11)

You can get 100-1 odds on the Patriots finishing first in the AFC East and the Jets finishing second. You can get 130-1 odds on the reverse.

129. Saints at Browns (Week 16)

130. Colts at Raiders (Week 10)

131. Bears at Packers (Week 2, SNF)

132. Bengals at Saints (Week 6)

133. Texans at Cowboys (Week 14)

The last two Texans-Cowboys games have gone to overtime.

134. Colts at Vikings (Week 15)

135. Rams at Saints (Week 11)

136. Cowboys at Giants (Week 3, MNF)

These teams have played twelve previous times on Monday Night Football, with the Cowboys winning nine of those games.

137. Vikings at Eagles (Week 2, MNF)

138. Saints at Steelers (Week 10)

The last time these teams played in Pittsburgh, Drew Brees tossed 5 TD passes and Ben Roethlisberger threw for 435 yards.

139. Saints at Eagles (Week 17)

140. Jaguars at Chiefs (Week 10)

141. Saints at 49ers (Week 12)

142. Titans at Eagles (Week 13)

The Houston Oilers were 0-6 against the Eagles but the Tennessee Titans are 5-1 vs. the Eagles.

143. Vikings at Saints (Week 4, London)

144. Giants at Cowboys (Week 12, Thanksgiving)

The Giants first played on Thanksgiving in 1926 against the Brooklyn Lions.

145. Bills at Jets (Week 9)

The Bills allowed the fewest points per game last season (17.9), while the Jets allowed the most (29.6).

146. Lions at Patriots (Week 5)

147. Ravens at Saints (Week 9, MNF)

The Saints have never beaten the Ravens at home. (Okay, they’re 0-2.)

148. Commanders at Cowboys (Week 4)

149. Bears at Cowboys (Week 8)

150. Packers at Commanders (Week 7)

151. Bucs at Falcons (Week 18)

152. 49ers at Bears (Week 1)

The last time these teams played in Week 1 was in 2003. The 49ers won that game 49-7 as the San Francisco defense forced three Kordell Stewart interceptions.

153. Vikings at Bears (Week 18)

154. Dolphins at 49ers (Week 13)

155. Vikings at Commanders (Week 9)

156. Bengals at Jets (Week 3)

In hindsight, the 4-13 Jets beating the AFC champion Bengals last season (the Mike White Game!) may have been the biggest upset of the season.

157. Ravens at Giants (Week 6)

158. Cowboys at Jaguars (Week 15)

A matchup between last season’s highest scoring team (Dallas averaged 31.2 ppg) and last season’s lowest scoring team (Jacksonville averaged 14.9 ppg).

159. Bucs at Panthers (Week 7)

160. Eagles at Bears (Week 15)

161. Ravens at Jets (Week 1)

The Jets have lost 12 straight games in September, dating back to the 2018 season opener.

162. Dolphins at Bears (Week 9)

163. Raiders at Saints (Week 8)

164. Falcons at Bucs (Week 5)

The last time Marcus Mariota started a game, Tom Brady was still on the Patriots.

165. Bears at Vikings (Week 5)

166. Seahawks at Chiefs (Week 16)

167. Packers at Lions (Week 9)

168. Dolphins at Jets (Week 5)

169. Broncos at Jaguars (Week 8, London)

The Jaguars have played the most overseas games, 8, all in London, and they are 4-4 in those games.

170. Bills at Lions (Week 12, Thanksgiving)

The Lions have a five game losing streak on Thanksgiving.

171. Panthers at Bucs (Week 17)

172. Falcons at Ravens (Week 16)

173. Chargers at Falcons (Week 9)

174. Lions at Cowboys (Week 7)

175. Seahawks at Bucs (Week 10, Munich)

The first ever NFL regular-season game in Germany.

176. Falcons at Bengals (Week 7)

177. Chargers at Texans (Week 4)

The Texans beat the Chargers 41-29 last season as a +11 underdog as Rex Burkhead ran for 149 yards and two scores.

178. Jets at Broncos (Week 7)

The previous three times Russell Wilson has played (and defeated) the Jets, New York’s quarterbacks were Sam Darnold, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Mark Sanchez (with a cameo from Tim Tebow.)

179. Falcons at Rams (Week 2)

180. Commanders at 49ers (Week 16)

181. Falcons at Saints (Week 15)

182. Commanders at Giants (Week 13)

The last time the Giants and Washington both made the playoffs in the same year was 2007.

183. Cardinals at Falcons (Week 17)

184. Jets at Dolphins (Week 18)

185. Giants at Packers (Week 5, London)

The Packers will become the last NFL team to play a game outside the U.S.

186. Texans at Broncos (Week 2)

187. Panthers at Rams (Week 6)

188. Lions at Packers (Week 18)

189. Browns at Falcons (Week 4)

190. Rams at Seahawks (Week 18)

191. Steelers at Falcons (Week 13)

The Steelers are 14-2-1 all-time against the Falcons.

192. Jets at Bills (Week 14)

The Bills are -225 favorites to win the AFC East. The Jets are +2200 to win the division.

193. Panthers at Ravens (Week 11)

194. Eagles at Lions (Week 1)

195. 49ers at Falcons (Week 6)

196. Cardinals at Seahawks (Week 6)

You can get 35-1 odds that these teams will finish as the top two teams in the NFC West.

197. Broncos at Panthers (Week 12)

Denver is 6-1 all-time against the Panthers, including their Super Bowl 50 victory.

198. Seahawks at Cardinals (Week 6)

199. Vikings at Lions (Week 14)

200. Eagles at Giants (Week 14)

201. 49ers at Seahawks (Week 15, TNF)

The 49ers have only won once in Seattle in their last 11 tries.

202. Eagles at Commanders (Week 3)

203. Bears at Falcons (Week 11)

These are the two longest shots to win the NFC championship, with the Bears at +7000 and the Falcons at +8000.

204. Jaguars at Chargers (Week 3)

205. Jets at Packers (Week 6)

206. Cardinals at Panthers (Week 4)

207. Raiders at Seahawks (Week 12)

208. Commanders at Eagles (Week 10, MNF)

209. Colts at Giants (Week 17)

The last time these teams played a game without either Manning brother at QB was December 12, 1993. Phil Simms threw for 85 yards in a 20-6 win over Jeff George and the Colts.

210. Ravens at Jaguars (Week 12)

211. Seahawks at Chargers (Week 7)

212. Lions at Vikings (Week 3)

213. Raiders at Jaguars (Week 9)

214. Jets at Steelers (Week 4)

The Steelers are 10-1 all-time when hosting the Jets.

215. Seahawks at Rams (Week 13)

216. Colts at Texans (Week 1)

The Colts are -125 to win the AFC South. The Texans are +3000 to win the AFC South, the highest divisional odds for any team in the NFL.

217. Bears at Giants (Week 4)

218. Jets at Vikings (Week 13)

219. Panthers at Bengals (Week 9)

The last time these teams played in Cincinnati, in 2014, the game finished in a 37-37 tie.

220. Saints at Falcons (Week 1)

221. Giants at Eagles (Week 18)

222. Commanders at Bears (Week 6, TNF)

223. Saints at Panthers (Week 3)

Jameis Winston is +550 to win Comeback Player of the Year. Michael Thomas is +600. Christian McCaffrey is +800.

224. Giants at Vikings (Week 16)

225. Browns at Panthers (Week 1)

226. Bears at Jets (Week 12)

You can get 100,000-1 odds that the Bears will beat the Jets in the Super Bowl.

227. Eagles at Texans (Week 9, TNF)

The Eagles are 5-0 all-time against the Texans.

228. Giants at Commanders (Week 15)

229. Seahawks at 49ers (Week 2)

230. Titans at Jaguars (Week 18)

231. Steelers at Panthers (Week 16)

The Panthers beat the Steelers in their first ever meeting in 1996 but are 0-6 against Pittsburgh since.

232. Giants at Titans (Week 1)

233. Browns at Commanders (Week 17)

The Browns last won in Washington in 1988, when Earnest Byner ran for a late 27 yard score to give the Browns a 17-13 win.

234. Titans at Commanders (Week 5)

235. 49ers at Panthers (Week 5)

236. Dolphins at Lions (Week 8)

237. Falcons at Panthers (Week 10, TNF)

238. Colts at Jaguars (Week 2)

Turnovers have very high variance from year-to-year and in 2021, the Colts had a tied-for-league-best +14 turnover differential, while the Jaguars had a league-worst -20.

239. Texans at Raiders (Week 7)

240. Bears at Lions (Week 17)

241. Commanders at Texans (Week 11)

242. Jaguars at Eagles (Week 4)

243. Falcons at Commanders (Week 12)

The last time Atlanta lost in Washington was 1993. Bobby Hebert threw four interceptions in that game.

244. Texans at Dolphins (Week 12)

The Texans are 8-2 all-time against the Dolphins.

245. Seahawks at Saints (Week 5)

246. Jets at Browns (Week 2)

247. Titans at Texans (Week 8)

248. Panthers at Saints (Week 18)

249. Jaguars at Titans (Week 14)

You can get +1200 odds right now on an AFC South team winning the Super Bowl.

250. Lions at Bears (Week 10)

251. Panthers at Falcons (Week 8)

252. Jaguars at Jets (Week 15, TNF)

This could be a referendum on the top two picks of the 2021 season, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson.

253. Texans at Titans (Week 16)

254. Falcons at Seahawks (Week 3)

From Matt Ryan vs. Russell Wilson to Marcus Mariota vs. Geno Smith.

255. Commanders at Lions (Week 2)

256. Texans at Bears (Week 3)

The only team with higher Super Bowl odds than the Bears (150-1) is the Texans (250-1).

257. Jaguars at Colts (Week 6)

258. Panthers at Seahawks (Week 14)

259. Jaguars at Commanders (Week 1)

The Jaguars have never won in Washington.

260. Texans at Colts (Week 18)

261. Giants at Seahawks (Week 8)

262. Jets at Seahawks (Week 17)

It was Vinny Testaverde’s phantom touchdown in a game between these teams in 1998 that helped bring back instant replay.

263. Giants at Jaguars (Week 7)

The Giants are 0-3 all-time in Jacksonville.

264. Texans at Giants (Week 10)

The Texans beat the Giants in their inaugural 2002 season but have not defeated them since.

265. Panthers at Giants (Week 2)

The only teams to average less than 300 yards per game last season were the Panthers, Giants, and Texans.

266. Lions at Panthers (Week 16)

The Lions have lost five straight games in Carolina.

267. Jaguars at Texans (Week 17)

Still two of the four teams to have never made a Super Bowl.

268. Lions at Jets (Week 15)

Could Jameson Williams be healthy in time to face the top corner from the 2022 Draft, Sauce Gardner in this game?

269. Lions at Giants (Week 11)

This game features the top two favorites for Defensive Rookie of the Year in Aidan Hutchinson and Kayvon Thibodeaux.

270. Texans at Jaguars (Week 5)

The Texans are 27-13 all-time against the Jaguars.

271. Seahawks at Lions (Week 4)

The Lions are the only NFL team without a primetime game this season.

272. Jaguars at Lions (Week 13)

The Lions won their first game in Week 13 last season. You can get 150-1 odds that the Lions go into this game winless and then beat the Jaguars.

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