Bet on who will win the NCAA Basketball Championship, make it to the Elite Eight or Final Four, and who will win their conference:

What is NCAAB Futures Betting?

NCAA Basketball futures betting carries multiple markets that are not decided during the regular season, but are decided at the conclusion of either individual conference tournaments or March Madness. While there are not many markets to bet on for college basketball in comparison to other major sports, there are still plenty of exciting markets to be wagered on.

The best aspect of College Basketball futures bets are that they can be placed at any point prior or during the regular season in most instances. 

Let’s talk about some of the NCAAB futures bets that you can find at major sportsbooks:

Player Awards Futures

Player awards futures are a division of futures betting that can be found within almost every major sport. However, due to the difficulty of tracking well over 3,000 individual collegiate athletes on Division 1 NCAA teams, there are no player awards futures for NCAAB at major sportsbooks.

Player Statistical Futures

As with player awards futures, there are no player statistical futures available at major sportsbooks for the same reasoning. While there are options to bet on player props at some sportsbooks for individual games, there are no markets for season-long statistical futures.

Team Futures

Team futures are the most prominent market for NCAA basketball. Bettors can place wagers on who will win the NCAA Championship, also called March Madness.

How do you bet on NCAAB futures?

Betting on NCAAB futures is a relatively easy process given the small amount of possible wagering arrangements that can be made. 

Every major sportsbook offers NCAAB odds for who will emerge victorious during March Madness without exception. Around the time of the completion of individual conference tournaments, markets will open for how deep of a run certain colleges will make in the tournament. 

When looking at the NCAAB futures odds page at a sportsbook, there will be a large number of collegiate teams that you can bet on to win the NCAA Championship. It is extremely difficult to find bet selections that can be parlayed together with college basketball as a result of the lack of variety existing in the betting market.


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NCAAB Futures Breakdown

The NCAAB regular season begins in early November and runs through the conclusion of March Madness, which you guessed it, ends in March. The most popular futures bets for NCAA basketball are team finishes:

NCAA Championship Winner

Betting on the NCAA Championship winner, or winner of March Madness, is by far the most popular betting market for college hoops. There can be as many as 70 different teams listed with odds at any given time to win the entire season’s championship. This is the market where you can bet on the Houston Cougars or Alabama Crimson Tide to win March Madness.

NCAA Conference Tournament Champions

This market does not typically become available until standings and seedings are finalized for the individual conference tournaments. However, they are extremely fun to bet on considering there are a whopping 32 different conference tournaments that take place every season. You can bet on some of the major conference tournaments like the Duke Blue Devils in the ACC or more obscure conferences like the Kent State Golden Flashes in the Mid-American.

Player Awards

There are no player awards futures in NCAAB. As the top sportsbooks expand to more niche offerings through means of legalization, there could be in the future. We will be sure to update this page as soon as this changes.

NCAAB 2024 Calendar

DateEventWhat is happening?
November-DecemberNon-Conference Play:Teams face diverse opponents to build their resumes.
Begins in DecemberConference Play:Teams compete within their conferences for regular season titles.
Dates varyRivalry Games:Classic matchups between conference foes add extra passion.
February 9* Duke vs. North Carolina (Battle of the Blues)Heated ACC rivalry with national implications.
February 10* Kansas vs. Kansas State (Sunflower Showdown)Intense Big 12 battle with bragging rights at stake.
February 17* Gonzaga vs. Saint Mary’s (Battle of the Bay)WCC rivals fight for conference supremacy.
March 9-17Conference Championships:Each conference crowns its champion with single-elimination tournaments.
March 17Selection Sunday:NCAA Tournament brackets announced, determining March Madness matchups.
March 19-20First Four:Play-in games for four at-large teams to enter the main bracket.
March 21-April 8NCAA Tournament:68 teams battle for the national championship across six rounds.


There will be separate categories for each sport in which you can bet. The most prominent futures for NCAA basketball are team futures for the March Madness tournament and individual conference tournaments.

Yes. It is possible to parlay NCAAB futures, but it is extremely difficult to do so. Given the lack of variety in betting markets for college hoops, it is hard to find two or more bets to parlay that do not correlate with one another.

NCAAB future bets include wagering on the March Madness champion and the winner of individual conference tournaments.

NCAAB futures betting can be quite risky just like can be said for futures betting of all types. Teams can fade throughout the course of a season and people do not call it March ‘Madness’ without a good reason. Simply put, anything can happen in college basketball and there is inherent risk in that.

A futures market indicates the likelihood that a certain outcome will occur. What is the likelihood that the Gonzaga Bulldogs win it all?