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Withdrawal Speed 90%
Bonuses 80%
Security 90%
User Experience 80%
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✦ Seasonal promos on major sporting events


The Betfred sportsbook might be new in the US, but it has been around internationally for quite some time. Slowly it’s gaining a foothold in America as the states all start relaxing their laws regarding online sports betting.

Betfred has been based out of the United Kingdom since its founding in 1967 by Fred Done. The Betfred website itself has only been in use since 2004 because the business started as Done Bookmakers. The billionaire owner of Betfred, Fred Done, stepped down in 2021 but is still with the company he started, but now as Chairman instead of CEO.

With more than 50 years of experience, Betfred came to the US after forming a partnership with casinos in Iowa and Colorado in 2020. Now that more states allow sports betting at Betfred, US players can also enjoy one of the most experienced sportsbook operators. Bryan Bennett, the Betfred US COO, said that the plan is to open sportsbooks in Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Nevada by 2021.

There are many reasons why players often prefer more established operators; typically, the sportsbook functions more smoothly with fewer problems. However, that’s not the only reason why Betfred is popular. It offers excellent betting markets ranging over the most popular US sports, such as the NFL, NHL, and NBA. Even though Betfred has not neglected the popular US sports, it still offers international sporting events, such as the Cricket World Cup and the Olympics. This broader market makes Betfred very convenient for players with a more international flair.

This analysis guides you through many of the key points essential to an understanding of Betfred. So, the review will cover bonuses and promotions and the VIP program, known as the High Valued Customer program, or HVC for short. We will also go over the more practical details like creating your account or what banking options Betfred accepts for deposits and withdrawals.


BetFred Welcome Bonus

The first wager placed in a new sportsbook is even sweeter if it comes with a great welcome bonus. The Betfred sign-up bonus for Colorado and Iowa is all about that first wager you place on the site. So, Betfred has sweetened the deal. Sign up as a new customer with a bonus code to claim this reward, and Betfred will match your first wager up to $500.

Here’s the beautiful part of this bonus, Betfred will match your first wager, regardless as to whether you win or lose. Some terms and conditions apply to this bonus, and we highly recommend that you read them.

The terms of the promotion itself are essential to know, but you will also need to read through the house rules of Betfred’s sportsbook. The first point to take into consideration is that you only have seven days before the bonus becomes invalid. Then, there are all the other restrictions typically outlined in those terms and conditions, like what odds you can play, among other things.

Bonus codes are not a necessity, and there are a few exceptions to this. When accepting a bonus, ensure that you have the bonus code if one is required; be aware that this is not always the case.

BetFred Pennsylvania Sign-up Bonus

Each state is individually responsible for the regulations governing online gambling, which translates into different promotions and bonuses in some states. The Betfred deposit bonus in Pennsylvania is the result of these differing laws. Keep this in mind when you sign up, and check your local laws.

So, the Betfred deposit bonus for Pennsylvania is that Betfred matches your first deposit up to $400. Again, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions as these typically outline any restrictions imposed by Betfred and can make or break a bonus for you.

BetFred Seasonal Promos

Typically sportsbooks update promos regularly, mainly because there is an entire category of bonus that is not valid year-round. Sportsbooks cannot exactly offer a promotion on the Olympics if they are only scheduled to happen two years into the future. These promotions are limited to the times of the sports event or season. This is why checking your sportsbooks promotions is an excellent habit to get into.

Additionally, sportsbooks tend to target specific days, bet types, and even betting markets for promotions to drive more business. This marketing tactic results in even more limited-time-only promotions.✦

Up to $500 match of the First wager, Win or lose, Welcome Bonus

When signing on as a new customer, Betfred will match your first wager up to $500. So, if you wager $100, it’s matched, and if you wager $600, they add $500.

Available in Colorado, Iowa

Up to $400 match deposit, Welcome Bonus

When signing on as a new customer, Betfred will match your first deposit up to $400. So, if you deposit $200, it’s matched, and if you deposit $500, they add $400.

Available in Pennsylvania


Like so many other casinos, Betfred uses a High-Value Customer scheme to keep players coming back. The HVC scheme caters to players with individualized rewards such as cashback, gifts, and hospitality.

Please remember, however, that Betfred takes its responsibility to its players seriously and will enhance due diligence to ensure safer gaming and comply with regulatory requirements. So, to be part of the scheme, you will be undergoing affordability checks and other measures to ensure that you’re gambling responsibly.

Another program in use by Betfred to keep its players happy is the loyalty scheme, which is how it shows appreciation to loyal customers. The loyalty scheme is open to all customers that have an active account older than six weeks. The rewards on offer through the loyalty scheme won’t be regular, so we recommend that you don’t rely on it. The bonuses are purely discretionary on Betfred’s part and are subject to change without notice. However, with a maximum of $500 paid into your account, without any wagering requirements, it’s tempting.

As with the HVC scheme, Betfred takes responsible gambling seriously; and if potentially harmful behavior is picked up, any rewards will be suspended for 30 days as a timeout. Additionally, regulatory requirements regarding responsible gambling are essential to Betfred, so it’s worth your while to make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions applied.

On a side note, please do remember that Betfred is in partnership with casinos in some states, so if you want to visit a retailer to redeem a bonus, you can do so there. You can visit the Betfred sportsbook at the Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort in Iowa, the Saratoga Casino in Colorado, and Pennsylvania’s Bethlehems’ Wind Creek.

As you can see, Betfred is expanding into the US, and if your state is not listed above, we recommend keeping an eye on the website as that might change in the future.

Betfred Legal States

Legal and operational


States in which you can bet legally with BetFred

Since becoming legal, betting on sports has become increasingly popular in the US. In 2018, the US repealed the federal act governing Professional and Amateur Sports Protection. However, regulations on sports betting are decided individually by each state. This means that you will need to familiarize yourself with the gaming laws of your state.

Betfred and other sportsbooks have slowly expanded across the US as states have relaxed legislation on sports betting. Betfred operates in four states including Colorado, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

We recommend only betting at a legal sports betting site; licensed and regulated sportsbooks comply with regulations making them safer to play at. Betfred is an internationally known and trusted sportsbook licensed out of Gibraltar. These facts are a good indication that Betfred follows fair play rules and is safe.

Betfred has been here in the US for just over a year, and considering how fast it’s expanding over the states, indications are that it’s here for the long haul. Additionally, as it grows, so too should its services and market range.


BASKETBALL (NBA, WNBA)Moneyline, Spread, Totals, Futures, Game Props, Parlays, Round Robins
MOTOSPORTS (F1)Race winner – Driver, Race winner – Team, Drivers Championship, Constructors Championship
BASEBALLMoneyline, Run Line, Spread
HOCKEYMoney Line, Puck Line, Total Goals, Futures
GOLFOutright, Tournament Winners, Individual Players, Over/Under/On Par, 72 hole matches, Groups
CRICKETOutrights, Player Markets, Wickets, Futures
SOCCERMoneyline, Futures, Goalscorer, Cards, Corners, Goals, Props
FOOTBALL (NFL, NCAAF)Outrights, Money Line, Point Spreads, Total Points, Futures
DARTSOutrights, Futures
BOXINGBout Winner



One of the advantages of a sportsbook that has been operating internationally for years is that the more minor bugs have already resolved themselves. Betfred has been around for more than half a century and offers an outstanding betting market, which means that the Betfred website itself has to live up to that standard.

Navigating the Betfred website is pretty straightforward due to a well-organized menu, using a familiar interface that should be recognizable to most bettors. Two main menus run across the top and left sides of the screen, with quick and useful links included on the left menu.

The intuitive user interface is smooth and relatively seamless to use. When opening the Sports tab, it automatically opens to the most popular sports on the Featured tab. However, a handy search function on the left menu allows you to find any matches for your favorite team quickly. You’ll also find the most popular sports, promotions, price boosts, and help to contact customer service in this same menu.

Betfred also announced that they would be using the OptimaGS platform; this allows Betfred to customize its interface differently for each state. This platform also allows multichannel functionality so that one day you could use one account online and in the casino.


The Betfred app is just as impressive as the website and provides all the functionality you would expect in a more mobile-friendly website version. You can download it for iOS and Android, making it compatible with the majority of smartphones in use right now.

The interface is pretty user-friendly, with clearly labeled navigation menus, and you can see the most popular upcoming games at a glance on the homepage. However, if you want to see other sports, you can navigate to them using the menu.

When viewing a specific match, the Betfred app displays the spread, money line, and total points betting markets, along with a smaller number just below to indicate how many other markets are available for that match.

The in-play betting tab is at the bottom of the page, and this will take you to all the ongoing matches. If you click on it, an animation shows you what is happening at that time, making live betting just that bit easier.

If you want to download the Betfred app, it is available from the website or the iOS App Store – that is, if you are inside one of the states where Betfred is available. The app offers a more convenient way to check on your bets or place a wager if you need to do so quickly while away from home.


Navigation menus are clearly labeled and finding your markets is easy.

Popular Sports
Upcoming games in popular sports are on the homepage.

Quick Links
The bottom menu allows you to jump to other tabs – like your betting slip.


Niche Markets
Finding a less popular sport can take more time.

There is a bit of lag in the app’s responsiveness.


Live or In-Play Betting

Steadily becoming one of the most popular betting offerings, In-Play betting allows you to place a wager on a match that has already started. This type of bet happens in real-time, allowing you to take advantage of the latest events in the game. The betting options on offer are all the usual bet types such as betting lines, odds, and markets change fast to keep up with the match. Please be aware that this means some of those betting markets can freeze due to these rapid changes.

Watch Live

Live streaming a match is the best way to go about in-play betting, and this is why many sports have this betting feature. Several of the more significant sporting events are available to watch live through Betfred, making it easier to follow a match as it happens.

Not all sporting events are available for live streaming, and players have to comply with some conditions. For example, you will need to be logged in and have a real balance; additionally, some events will require that you have a wager on the game before you can watch it live.

Cash Out

Cashing out means that you settled your bet early at the offered value, without waiting for the match to finish. However, you will not always be able to receive back the entirety of your original stake. The amount offered will vary due to the market prices of your unsettled wager.

If your bet is going against you, you can choose to cash out by clicking on the cash out button to cut your losses. Alternatively, you can choose to let your bet run its course and not cash out.


Earlier in the article, we went through the Betfred sign-up bonuses, and if your state’s welcome offer tempts you to register for an account, you can rest easy; the process is relatively straightforward.

The first thing you need to do is go to Betfred’s website and choose your state from the ‘State Locations’ drop-down list at the top right of the screen.

Then click on the red ‘Bet Now’ button, and it’ll take you to the registration page. During the registration process, it might ask you for the bonus code. You can skip that field as all new customers qualify, and by using that link, you have automatically opted in.

Choose your username and password; remember to make it robust, unique, and memorable. Then provide your details, such as your name, date of birth, and SSN. You will then need to provide your contact details, specifically your mobile number and email address. One of the last things you will need to provide is your address.

Finally, you can change the settings to your preferences. You will then need to confirm your account details.

We recommend reading the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ for the website before signing up. These two documents outline your and the casino’s rights and detail some of the processes used to resolve complaints.

Once your account is set up, you can use your username and password through an internet browser or the mobile app. You can then start looking for your first wager to use the bonus; ensure that you read the full terms and conditions of the bonus as these often have limitations on how you can use the bonus. Also, remember that you will need to provide supporting documents to customer service for verification at some point in the near future.


The last thing most players want is a long and complicated process; this is especially true when depositing or withdrawing money. Betfred has simplified it for you, as you’ll find out further on in the article. However, if you are relatively new to sports betting, some of the terms might be a bit confusing.

Most of the terms used are self-explanatory; for example, the ‘payout time’ is how long it takes for the money to get to your bank account after you withdraw it from Betfred’s account. ‘Deposit or withdrawal options’ are other such terms; these two terms can be explained as the options available to you when you want to deposit money into, or withdraw money from, your Betfred’s account. The trend continues with ‘minimum deposit’, meaning the smallest amount of money you can deposit in one transaction.

Last but not least, ‘spending control’ means the measures you can put in place to control how much you spend and gamble responsibly. These measures are there to encourage players to have fun playing without any financial repercussions.



Depositing cash into your account at Betfred is more accessible by having several methods available for your transaction. Below we give some basic information on the methods available to you.

As you can see, there is a minimum deposit amount next to each deposit method. However, the maximum deposit amount is a bit more confusing. Betfred doesn’t limit your deposits unless you have chosen to use the deposit limit. However, your bank or deposit method might have a maximum limit. We encourage you to find out the limitations and fees for your chosen method. More importantly, having a self-imposed deposit limit is one of the easiest ways to promote responsible gambling.

Betfred won’t charge you for any deposits you make. However, there might be fees attached to the transaction from the other institutions involved. For example, the bank might charge you a fee for using your bank account.

Additionally, Betfred uses an encryption system to protect your details, so you needn’t worry about somebody else getting their hands on your card details. So, you can feel safe while entering them online. However, Betfred urges you to log out of your account if you move away from your device; this is to prevent someone else from accessing your finances or placing a wager on that one team you despise.

Just in case you are wandering, Betfred might show up as Petfre or Betfred on your bank statement when you make a deposit or withdrawal. So you don’t need to worry about that mystery transaction if, at first, you don’t recognize the name.

Visa or Mastercard

Select credit/debit as your deposit option at checkout and fill in the fields needed.

Minimum deposit: $10.

Available in CO.

Debit card

To use your debit card as a deposit method, follow the same steps as with Visa and/or Mastercard.

Minimum deposit: $10.

Available in CO.

Bank Transfer (ACH, eCheck)

Similar to a real check, ACH may take several days to pass through the banking system.

Minimum deposit: $10

Available in CO.

VIP Preferred

Similar to ACH, BetFred allows bettors to transfer funds between bank accounts, but processing times can be an issue here.

Minimum deposit: $10.

Available in CO.


Similar to PayPal, Skrill is a digital wallet funded prior to making your deposit with BetFred.

Minimum deposit: $10

Available in CO.


A refundable payment method that you can load with PayPal or credit card.

Minimum deposit: $10

Available in CO.


Participating locations accept a variety of payment methods including cash, PayPal, debit, credit, and bank transfers. Note that you cannot use PayNearMe for withdrawals.

Minimum deposit: $10.

Available in CO.


Several methods are available to you when you want to withdraw your winnings, mainly for your convenience and ease of use. The most popular options are covered so that every player has a suitable choice available to them.

All withdrawals take up to 48 hours to process due to security checks. However, you will need to prove your identity and proof that the bank account, or method, is owned by you. You will need to verify your account and upload a few documents to prove this.

The table above takes you through the processing time and the minimum amount you can withdraw in one transaction. However, the maximum withdrawal amount depends on your banking method. Contact customer service if you encounter any problems when making withdrawals, as they can talk you through the issue or arrange larger withdrawals if requested.

When using one of the partner casinos in your state to deposit and withdraw money, it’s best to contact customer service at Betfred and the casino itself for more details on how this is handled in your state.


Just as is the case with deposits, withdrawals via ACH are subject to additional time.

Minimum withdrawal: $10.

Available in CO.

MasterCard or Visa

Check with your cardholder for added fees or compatibility with online gambling.

Minimum withdrawal: $10.

Available in CO.


Similar to credit card withdrawals, debit cards can also carry additional fees and time constraints.

Minimum withdrawal: $10.

Available in CO.


Simply select Skrill as your preferred method when making your withdrawal.

Minimum withdrawal: $10.

Available in CO.


You may have to contact customer support when attempting to withdraw winnings from participating locations.

Minimum withdrawal: $10.

Available in CO.


In the age of cybercrime, online security is an essential consideration whenever you enter your personal and financial information. So, let’s discuss the security systems in place to protect your data from scammers.

Betfred uses SSL encryption technology to protect your data, however, they also perform annual PCI-DSS assessments. These assessments enforce rigorous protections and controls surrounding cardholder data. So, Betfred encrypts your data so that nobody else can read it and then also ensures that their information management system is secure to prevent unauthorised access.

Betfred also has annual security audits conducted by independent parties. These audits are based on the UK Gambling Commission’s remote gambling and software technical standards, and their main aim is to protect the players against security risks and ensure fair play on the website. The privacy policy governs most aspects regarding your data; it details what data is collected, how it’s used, who has access to it, and more importantly, how it’s protected. Another aspect to consider is Betfred’s licensing. It’s licensed out of Gibraltar and complies with its standards and the states’ regulations where it operates here in the US.


Betfred believes that playing on their website should be a fun pastime, so they take responsible gambling seriously. Stressing over how much has been lost doesn’t make for a fun pastime and is an indication that maybe you should put some control measures in place.

Betfred encourages you to do precisely this; its position is that gambling is entertainment and not a career. Other measures they recommend are to bet sensibly and not chase after losses, to spend only what you can afford to lose, and most importantly, never gamble while under the influence or if you are upset.

They have deposit limits available to assist in managing your money and encourage you to set up reality checks to limit your time playing on its website.

If these measures don’t bring the problem down to manageable levels, you can take a time-out and set the limit to anything ranging from one day up to six weeks. Self-exclusion is one of the last measures you can take to control your spending. Contact customer service or a support service if you feel you have an uncontrollable problem with gambling.


When a sportsbook determines the odds, the likelihood of the given outcome is not the only thing it’s thinking about; the sportsbook adds a little extra. This is the vig, vigorish, juice, or hold. The hold is what keeps the company running and ensures that it will make a profit.,Sportsbooks are in the business of making money, and the hold is one way to ensure that it gets its fair share. Let’s discuss this in more detail then because while it might not seem like much, it impacts your finances.,When placing a wager at standard odds of -110, your return will be less than your stake. For example, if you wager $1 at -110 and you win, your winnings will be $1.91, which is your stake plus your winnings, minus 9%. So, instead of getting $2, your return was 91%. That missing 9% is the hold, a sort of administration fee that the sportsbook awards itself for handling your wager. So regardless of who wins or loses, the sportsbook is guaranteed that 9% profit.,This percentage is a small amount of money, and most people just right it off and carry on, happy that they won anything. However, the hold is something you need to consider; you need to beat the vig to break even. So at standard odds of -110, you will need to win 52.4% of the wagers you place.,Calculators are available online to help you work out the hold if you don’t want to break your brain using the formula and decimal odds. Don’t get too comfortable; here’s another thing to keep in mind – the hold is different depending on what type of bet you place and what sport you are wagering on. Irrespective of everything else, the sportsbook will come out ahead of the game because the hold tilts it in their favor.


There are many options to choose from in the online sportsbook market, so why bet on Betfred? Betfred is a massive international sportsbook operating out of many countries and with millions of players. With over 50 years of experience behind their back and complying with some of the strictest regulations regarding online security. All of which indicates a company worth some trust.

However, the first reason most players will think of is the welcome offer. Betfred will match your first wager or deposit so that you have double the money for playing and double the chances of winning.

Additionally, there is the loyalty scheme, where you can win a bonus between $5 and $500 without any wagering requirements. The lack of a wagering requirement is rare in online sports betting, and this scheme is a true reward for loyal customers.

On the more technical side of things, the Betfred website and app run smoothly and are well designed, with rigorous security measures in place to protect your data. The easily navigated menus make it simple to go about your business, whether it’s placing a bet or managing your account.

Betfred also offers a wide variety of sports, from the major US sports leagues to the more niche markets of international sporting events. You can bet on the NHL or the Ashes, all on the same website. The same extensive range is available in the betting markets, from outrights to props.

The one major disadvantage is the customer service. There is no FAQ section available, and the only states with dedicated customer service are Colorado and Iowa. Their response time to calls and live chats are excellent, and the service was courteous and knowledgeable. However, the same can’t be said for emails; more than 48 hours after we made a query, there was still no response.

Betfred is well worth a try, if only for that lovely loyalty scheme. It offers you all the sports you can want from home but adds a little international flavor to spice things up.


Betfred has more than 50 years of experience in running a sportsbook and offers a wide range of sports and betting markets. That and the loyalty scheme are good reasons.

Let’s list the betting types available: in-Play betting, alternate moneylines, alternate totals, team totals, first, anytime and last goalscorers, halftime winner, game parlays, to win both halves, winning margin, and props (overtime period and defense or special team score).

Betfred’s app and website run smoothly and are easy to navigate, and your data is secured by some of the best technology and controls available.

The Betfred sign-up bonus differs depending on your location. Colorado and Iowa have a matched first wager bonus of up to $500, and Pennsylvania has a matching deposit bonus of up to $400.

Betfred offers all the popular US sports and a few international favorites, making the list very comprehensive.

Betfred is legal to players in Colorado, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, with Nevada, soon becoming legal. It will be expanding into more states as sports betting regulations are relaxed.

The payout time at Betfred is 48 hours. However, your account will have to be verified first, and your banking method can also impact the time taken.

The minimum deposit at Betfred is $10. This can change, depending on the different payment methods you might be using to handle your deposit.

The maximum deposit you’re allowed to make with Betfred depends on the payment method you’re using; each method has a different maximum limit.

The ‘juice’ or ‘vig’ or ‘hold’ that Betfred takes has not been published; you can calculate it for yourself with assistance from online calculators.