NCAAF Futures Odds for 2023

Bet on who will win the College Football Playoff Championship and the Heisman Trophy for NCAAF:

College Football Futures Bets

What is NCAAF Futures Betting?

NCAA Football futures betting has multiple markets that are decided at the conclusion of the College Football Playoff. There are minimal markets to bet on when it comes to college football betting, but the ones that do exist are still excellent and exciting to wager on as the season progresses towards the playoffs.

The best part about NCAAF futures bets is that you can place them at any point during the year for most markets, particularly before the season starts and during it.

Let’s discuss some of the most popular NCAAF futures bets that can be found at industry-leading sportsbooks:

Player Awards Futures

Player awards futures are not as plentiful in NCAAF betting as they are in professional sports leagues, but the market does offer the most notable collegiate award. The Heisman Trophy is handed out to the top performer in all of college football and remains one of the players awards futures that is bet on the most in North American sports.

Player Statistical Futures

There are no statistical futures for players when it comes to major sportsbooks and NCAAF. There are plenty of in-season options to bet on player props in individual games at select sportsbooks, but there is nothing available for season-long wagers in the futures market.

Team Futures

Team futures are by far the most popular form of futures betting for NCAA football. Bettors are able to wager on who will win the College Football Playoff Championship. With the 2023 expansion of the playoff format, this will be sure to increase in popularity as a betting market this year.

How do you bet on College Football futures?

Betting on NCAAF futures is a very simple process given the minimal amount of wagering options at most sportsbooks for this market.

Every major sportsbook houses some form of futures betting for NCAA football, but they are almost exclusively related to the CFP. Bowl games are bet on at a high frequency when that time of the college football schedule rolls around, but those are not considered futures.

Instead, they are considered standard straight bets despite their bearing on the outcome of futures.

When viewing the NCAAF futures odds at any major sportsbook, there will be a long list of college football teams that can be wagered on to win the 2024 College Football Playoff that takes place in January.

When it comes to parlays, it is virtually impossible to find a way to take multiple selections that can be used together due to the heavy correlation that exists and the small amount of betting markets for college football futures.


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College Football Futures Breakdown

The NCAAF regular season begins for most teams in early September, but some mid-major conferences begin to play in late August.

The regular season runs all the way through to mid-December when bowl games begin. The College Football Playoff begins in January and with the new format, it will run into the latter part of the month.

The most prominent futures bets for NCAA football are:

Team Finishes: College Football Playoff Champion

The only major NCAAF futures betting market that exists is the one for the College Football Playoff championship futures. There are over 100 teams listed at the beginning of the regular season for NCAA football and that pool begins to decrease in size steadily as the season progresses. Some of the wildest longshot odds for low-level teams can be as long as +200000, but some of the best teams in college football can get anywhere from +200 to +500 odds.

Player Awards: Heisman Trophy Winner

The only player awards future for NCAAF is for the Heisman Trophy. The Heisman is given out to the most outstanding player in college football for a given season. Most winners of this prestigious award go on to be quite successful in the National Football League (NFL).

NCAAF 2023 Calendar

DateEventWhat is happening?
January 82023 College Football Playoff ChampionshipThe Georgia Bulldogs defeated the TCU Horned Frogs 65-7 in the 2023 College Football Playoff Championship
August 27Week 0 beginsThe first week of mid-major conference schedules begins
September 2Week 1 beginsThe first week of major conference schedules begins
December 2Conference championships beginConference championships for seeding and bowl game placement begins
December 16Bowl games beginBowl games of varying importance begin with some teams waiting for the new 12-team format of the College Football Playoff


There are separate categories of futures bets for each sport. Upon finding the NCAAF futures page, you can find the two futures bets we have discussed: College Football Playoff champion and Heisman Trophy winner.

While it is possible to parlay NCAAF futures, it is ridiculously hard to do successfully. The reason for this is the lack of variety on the betting market. However, NCAAF futures can be parlayed with other major sports futures. For example, if you believe the Georgia Bulldogs will win the CFP in 2024, you can parlay that with the Atlanta Braves to win the World Series.

NCAAF future bets include betting on the champion of the College Football Playoff and Heisman Trophy winner.

There is always a massive amount of risk attached to futures betting and NCAA football futures are no exception. Injuries play a major role in college football and can move a team from the short list of championship contenders to a consensus unranked team.

A futures market indicates the likelihood that a certain outcome will occur. What is the likelihood that the Tennessee Volunteers will win the College Football Playoff Championship?