Each and every year, the CFB national championship game as well as the Bowl Series brings in tens of millions of dollars in legal wagers and billions in sponsorship and broadcast deals. As can be seen, the NCAA is big business when it comes to sports betting, with wagers being made from the day after the title game until the day before the following season’s. However, as the season progresses, college football championship odds can change drastically as teams rise and fall in the rankings. Luckily for you, Sidelines is connected to the top legal sportsbooks on the market and the odds to win national championship are updated regularly for every team. Additionally, if you’re looking for more information about futures bets, how they work, how to read and understand futures odds, and details about college football playoffs, read on and be sure to check out our betting guides.

Futures bets are essentially wagers on an event whose outcome will only be known at a later date. In the case of sports betting, futures bets are usually wagers on a particular team to win a championship, conference title, or even an individual player to win MVP or some other individual achievement. When making futures bets, bettors must be aware of two main things. First, due to the amount of time in advance that the bets are made, the odds can be very high and are subject to change throughout the course of the season. This can be the result of injuries, upset losses, changes in personnel, or any of the other possible developments that can occur during a sports season. Secondly, when making futures bets, bettors must keep in mind that the bet is essentially frozen until the outcome of the event is known. Meaning, if you’ve budgeted for a season, know that your bankroll will be tied up if you’re big into futures. However, it is also important to mention that futures bets can essentially be placed at any point throughout the course of a season, not just in the preseason. The only thing to keep in mind here is that the closer you get to the event in question, the less value you will likely get as odds are tighter and more indicative of a team’s chances.

College football is one of the most popular sports in the United States not only to watch, but also to wager on. With 10 conferences made up of more than 125 teams constituting the NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Series (FBS), there is obviously no shortage of dedicated fan bases and widespread broadcasting (on days with no competition from the NFL) for college football. This itself makes for an extensive betting bonanza, with national championship odds for the following season being released shortly after the conclusion of the current season.
However, while many look for value bets in the opening lines (before the season begins and teams’ stock begins to rise and fall), it is imperative that prospective bettors perform a simple odds comparison to ensure the best value and the maximum payout possible! Given that futures odds can be higher than usual, finding the best odds can be the difference between several hundred dollars or even more.

Due to the high number of teams in Division 1 of the NCAA, the playoff picture can be a bit complicated. Following the conclusion of the regular season, the NCAA’s 13-member selection committee assigns the top four teams a seed, who then play a knockout bracket to determine the eventual national champion, with the number one seed playing the number four seed and number two seed playing against the number three seed. These initial games are essentially two semifinal games and are played as part of the New Year’s Six bowl games, which comprise the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl. These six bowl games rotate hosting the college football playoff games, with the two outlying bowls hosting the next highest four ranking teams.

Other teams who have won six or more games in the regular season are eligible for automatically qualifying bowl games. These games are lower in significance than the New Year’s Six, but still count as a postseason for college football, but not the playoffs.

As mentioned, futures bets are wagers that are placed on any event whose outcome is not yet known. In the case of college football, the most popular bet is without a doubt who will win the national championship. However, it may surprise you to learn that there are more college football futures available than just the title game. For example, bettors can wager on Heisman Trophy winners, conference winners, and more.