Bet on who will be the winners of the Super Bowl, AFC Championship, and NFC Championship:

NFL Futures Bets

Since Patrick Mahomes became the full time starter in Kansas City, the Chiefs have made it at least to the AFC championship game every season.

What is NFL futures betting?

NFL futures betting is betting on any event or outcome that will be determined at the end of the season. That can be any number of things.

Player Award Futures

You can bet on all the season awards like MVP, defensive player of the year, comeback player of the year, coach of the year, and so on.

Player Statistical Futures

You can bet on which players will lead the league in a statistical category like “who will fish the season with the most receiving yards”?

Team Futures

Each team is given an over/under before they season on how many wins they’ll have. You can bet on that and also whether or not a team will win their division or make the playoffs.

A future bet can be placed before the season starts or at any point during the season. As the season wanes and more information is learned every week, the odds will shift accordingly. Picking the Super Bowl winner before the season is a lot harder to do than after teams have played 10 games, and the odds will reflect that.

How do you bet on NFL futures?

Betting on NFL futures is fairly straightforward: All of the major online sportsbooks have a section for each sport, and inside them usually a subsection that says “futures”. Some books may have multiple sections that say “team futures” and “awards”, but those are all futures bets.

In any category you’re looking to bet on, all teams or player names will be listed with odds, and you just choose who you want to bet on. You can also parlay NFL futures bets.

For example, You can bet that Patrick Mahomes will win the MVP and that Micah Parsons will win defensive player of the year on the same slip, or you can parlay between sports and bet that Patrick Mahomes will win the NFL MVP and Luka Doncic will win the NBA MVP, also on the same slip.

NFL Futures Breakdown

The NFL season runs from early September through the Super Bowl in mid February, with the playoffs starting in mid January. The most popular futures bets for the NFL are:

Team Finishes

  • Super Bowl champion
  • AFC champion
  • NFC champion

Will a team make the playoffs: Until teams have clinched the playoffs, you can bet on whether or not they’ll get there. Odds will change throughout the season.

Total team wins: Before each season oddsmakers will predict a total amount of wins for each team and you can bet on if they’ll win more or less games. The win lines will change throughout the season.

Player Awards

  • MVP
  • Defensive and offensive players of the year
  • Comeback player of the year
  • Defensive and offensive rookies of the year
  • Coach of the year

The NFL Honors is held every season on the night before the Super Bowl. There they announce the winners of all the above awards.


Every sport you can bet on in a sportsbook will have its own category. Within those sports categories you’ll have subcategories for types of bets and one will be “futures”, “team futures”, or “awards”. All you need to do is click on the player or team you’d like to bet on for the future you’re looking at.

Yes. Most futures can be parlayed, for example, the winners of separate awards (MVP and comeback player of the year). However, you may not be able to parlay heavily correlated futures like Super Bowl Winner + Super Bowl MVP.

Some of the most popular future bets for the NFL are: Super Bowl winner, MVP, defensive player of the year, coach of the year, offensive and defensive rookies of the year, and comeback player of the year. You can also bet on how many games a team will win and if they’ll make the playoffs or not.

The risk is that you’re betting on something that won’t happen for quite some time, and you can’t know what will happen between the time you bet and when the season finishes. The more unknown there is when placing your bet, the riskier it is.

Futures odds mean the likelihood of a certain outcome taking place which will be determined at the end of the season. How likely is it that the Chiefs win the Super Bowl or that Patrick Mahomes wins the MVP award?