NBA Eastern Conference Winner

Every Eastern team has a chance to come out of the conference and play in the NBA Finals. We’ve searched through every online sportsbook to find you the best odds each Eastern Conference team has of making the NBA Finals.

NBA Eastern Conference Futures

The NBA Playoffs are one of the most exciting events in sports and the Eastern Conference Finals are a matchup of the best teams from the conference. The Eastern Conference Finals are typically played in late May after the Eastern Conference Semifinals

The 2022 Eastern Conference Finals were played between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat with Boston emerging as the winner in Game 7

The Boston Celtics hold the record for the most wins in the Eastern Conference Finals with 21 conference championships to their credit.

Futures bets provide a way for sports bettors and fans of basketball to get in on the action and put their money where their mouth is.

What are NBA Eastern Conference Futures?

There are two primary types of NBA futures bets available for the Eastern Conference Finals:

To Win the Eastern Conference Finals

You can place futures bets on the Eastern Conference Finals at any major sportsbook on the market. These types of wagers can offer attractive, long NBA odds during the regular season. The odds of a team emerging from the Eastern Conference Finals en route to an NBA Finals berth can drift dramatically during the NBA regular season and the playoffs. To get a leg up over the sportsbooks as much as you can, it is a good idea to stay in tune with the news cycle around the league.

Eastern Conference Finals Exacta

Betting on the Eastern Conference Finals’ exact outcome is another popular form of futures betting for the event. This type of wager can be seen as a two-leg parlay with the first leg representing your choice of who wins the Eastern Conference Finals and the second being within how many games your chosen team emerges victorious. The market for exacta bets is typically only available at the end of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Placing wagers on futures for the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA is a fairly straightforward process that can be done at all of the major sportsbooks in the industry. To make a futures bet, head over to your favorite sportsbook and look for the section labeled ‘NBA’. Under the sport’s category, it should be easy to find the section labeled ‘Futures’.

Each of the 15 teams in the Eastern Conference will be listed with associated odds specifically for the winner of the series. You also maintain the ability to bet on the exact outcome of the series and the number of games the series will last.

You can make several types of bets on the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA. Some common types of bets include betting on the team that will win the series, the number of games in the series, and even the exact score of each game. You can also make individual game bets, such as betting on the winner of a specific game, the point spread, or the over/under.

You can also bet on NBA player props which are wagers that allow you to wager on specific individual performance outcomes of players during an NBA game, such as the total number of points, rebounds, or assists they will score.