NBA Western Conference Winner

Every team has odds to win the Western Conference. We’ve looked through every online sportsbook to show you where you can get the best odds for each team.

NBA Western Conference Futures

The Western Conference Finals (WCFs) in the National Basketball Association (NBA) represent the series that decides who advances to the NBA Finals from the Western Conference. The winner faces the winner from the opposing Eastern Conference.

The Western Conference Finals typically take place at the end of May immediately following the Western Conference Semifinals. The 2022 Western Conference Finals saw the Golden State Warriors defeat the Dallas Mavericks in five games

The record for the most Western Conference wins belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers with 19. The Lakers have appeared in 23 different Western Conference Finals. 

What are NBA Western Conference Futures?

There are two primary types of NBA futures bets available for the Western Conference Finals:

To Win the Western Conference Finals

The Western Conference Finals winner market is by far the most popular given the simplicity. This market is available at all top sportsbooks throughout the season and offseason for the NBA.

The odds for the Western Conference Finals winner change dramatically across the season with player movement, injuries, and teams falling out of contention. To get a good read on the market for this division of futures betting, we recommend staying in touch with the everyday happenings around the NBA.

Western Conference Finals Exacta

An extremely difficult yet popular form of futures betting for the Western Conference Finals is to wager on the exact outcome of the series. This can essentially be viewed as a two-leg parlay with the first leg being the winner of the Western Conference Finals and the second leg being in how many games the team claims victory.

This market typically becomes available at the conclusion of the Western Conference Semifinals.


It is extremely easy to place bets on the Western Conference Finals. Virtually every sportsbook does an exceptional job of marking their futures bets in categories so that they are easy to locate.

Head over to your sportsbook of choice and track down the ‘NBA’ section. Under the NBA category, there should be subcategories for ‘Futures’ or ‘Western Conference Finals’. The full list of possible wagers on the Western Conference Finals will be available under that tab.

All 15 teams in the Western Conference will be listed with associated odds specifically for the winner of the WCFs. Betting on exact outcomes of the Western Conference Finals is also a market that has gained a lot of traction in the betting community with the long odds attached. All of these bets are available in the same place at all sportsbooks.

Outside of futures bets, there are tons of standard wagers possible for the NBA Western Conference. These bet types include moneylines, spreads, and totals for the individual games. Player props are also a popular choice with points, rebounds, and assists being the most common to be on for an over or under. Other player props include three point field goals, steals, and blocks.