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World Series Winner
Bet at betrivers +8000
National League Central Winner
Bet at betrivers +620
National League Winner
Bet at betrivers +4500


Team At Bats 947
Team RBI 130
Team OBP 0.3
Team OPS 0.7
Team Slugging Percentage 0.4
Team Batting Average 0.2
Team Home Runs 33
Team Hits 228
Team Runs 139
Team Strikeouts (hitting) 271
Team Caught Stealing (offense) 10
Team Stolen Bases 27
Team Stolen Base Percentage 0.7
Team ERA 3.8
Team K/9 9.8
Team WHIP 1.4
Team K/BB 2.6
Team Pitching Outs Recorded 756
Team Innings Pitched 252
Team Pitching BABIP 0.3
Team Home Runs Allowed 37
Team Walks Allowed 105
Team Earned Runs Allowed 107
Team Strikeouts (pitching) 275
Team Caught Stealing (defense) 10
Team Stolen Bases Allowed 33
Team Quality Starts 1
Team Individual Pitching Shutouts 0
Team Pitching Shutouts 3
Team Complete Games 0
Team Pitching Wins 16
Team Pitching Losses 12
Team Saves 11
Team Blown Saves 7
Team Starting Pitchers ERA 3.8
Team Starting Pitchers K/9 9.5
Team Starting Pitchers WHIP 1.2
Team Starting Pitchers Outs Recorded 281
Team Starting Pitchers Innings Pitched 93.2
Team Starting Pitchers Earned Runs Allowed 40
Team Starting Pitchers Strikeouts 99
Team Starting Pitchers Shutouts 0
Team Starting Pitchers Complete Games 0
Team Starting Pitchers Wins 8
Team Starting Pitchers Losses 6
Team Bullpen ERA 3.8
Team Bullpen K/9 10
Team Bullpen WHIP 1.4
Team Bullpen Outs Recorded 475
Team Bullpen Innings Pitched 158.1
Team Bullpen Earned Runs Allowed 67
Team Bullpen Strikeouts 176
Team Bullpen Wins 8
Team Bullpen Losses 6
Team Blown Saves 7
Team Bullpen Saves 11

About CHC


After missing the playoffs in 2019 and having a manager change to David Bell from Joe Maddon, the Cubs returned to the top of the National League Central in 2020. But the season ended on a down note when the Miami Marlins swept the Cubbies in two games in the first-round series, which was a unique feature to the 60-game 2020 season. 

The Cubs have weakened themselves a bit in pitching, trading Yu Darvish and letting Jon Lester and Jose Quintana walk in free agency. Kyle Schwarber is also gone on offense with the remaining core players only together for possibly one more season.

General manager Theo Epstein is also gone, taking a job in the MLB front office for 2021.

2021 Featured Players

On the pitching side, Kyle Hendricks remains and is the de facto ace of the staff, but he has declined a bit over the past couple of seasons. Zach Davies and his strong changeup is in the No. 2 spot, and new names Alec Mills, Adbert Alzolay, and Tyson Miller round out the rotation. Craig Kimbrel has also shown signs of decline in the closer spot.

The good news for the Cubs is that they should still be able to score runs. Willson Contreras, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Ian Happ, and Jason Heyward are all back and stalwarts in the lineup. Second baseman David Bote and centerfielder Nico Hoerner are the newcomers.

Bet on the Chicago Cubs! Chicago Cubs Odds for 2021

After winning the World Series in 2016 and having great odds through the 2019 season, the Cubbies have taken a hit in the odds department, as a bet on the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series will pay out at a healthy 40/1. The Chicago Cubs odds to win the National League pennant stand at 22/1 to open the season, and the Chicago Cubs odds to win the NL Central are +500, which puts them behind St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee in the division race.

Chicago Cubs Logo, Uniform & Stadium History

The Cubs have a rich history, and most of it is as lovable losers. Prior to this stretch of reaching the playoffs in five of the last six seasons, Chicago had only reached the postseason six times since division play started in 1969. The Cubs have had some famous players in that time, including Ferguson Jenkins, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ryne Sandberg, Sammy Sosa, Ron Santo, and Mark Grace. 

Finally in 2016, the Cubs, led by Maddon and most of this current group, outlasted the Cleveland Indians to win their first World Series since 1908 in their first Fall Classic appearance since 1945. 

The Cubs have called Wrigley Field home since 1916, with the field's distinctive features like ivy on the outfield walls and apartment buildings behind the bleachers. The stadium was also the last one in the majors to install lights, hosting its first night game in 1988. The Cubs still play the majority of their weekday games in the afternoon. 

Chicago's uniforms have remained unchanged for generations. A blue cap with a red C in it with a white outline, a pinstriped home uniform with the Cubs logo on the left side of the uniform, and road grays with "CHICAGO" written across the front in blue. The Cubs were also one of the first teams to introduce an alternate uniform, which is an all-blue top with the same logo from the home white jersey on the front.

2020 Record: 34-26, First Place in National League Central (Lost to Miami in NL First Round)