NFC Conference Winner

The NFC championship game is the annual championship game of the NFL’s National Football Conference (NFC). The game is one of two semi-final playoff games, the other being the AFC championship game. The eventual NFC champions then advance to the Super Bowl to face the AFC champion in a bid to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The NFC championship game is played between the two teams that prevailed in the first two rounds of NFC postseason play. The game is held on the last Sunday in January every year and is hosted by the team with the highest seed. All NFC champions receive the George Halas Trophy, named after one of the original founders of the National Football League (NFL) and the Chicago Bears, George Halas.

The game can trace its roots to the decision to merge the NFL with its rival, the AFL. The NFC Championship was first played following the 1970 NFL regular season. Before the merger, the NFC’s title game was technically the NFL Championship. As such, the current NFC Championship is widely considered to be the direct successor of the former NFL Championship.

Any NFC team looking to be the prospective NFC champions must survive a gauntlet of selection in which a series of playoff games decide the ultimate victor. These postseason playoff games are played between the NFC’s top six teams following the end of the NFL regular season. Four of the top six teams are automatically decided by the winners of the NFC’s constituent divisions, which are the North, South, East, and West divisions. The remaining two teams that compete for the right to be NFC champions are wildcard teams, which are teams that possess the NFC’s best records, yet failed to win their respective divisions. Teams with the higher seeds following the regular season earn the right to host their playoff games.

In contrast to the AFC, the NFC has experienced a larger degree of parity in terms of teams winning the conference. For example, as opposed to the AFC, which has two teams that have never advanced to the championship game, all teams in the NFC have advanced to the championship game at least once.

That is not to say that there have not been teams that have been overrepresented! Far from it. The Dallas Cowboys for example, have been NFC champions a record eight times. The San Francisco 49ers, for their part, hold the record for most appearances, advancing to the championship game a total of 16 times (succeeding in being crowned NFC champions a total of seven times).

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