NFC Conference Winner

We have found the best possible NFC Championship odds after searching through a number of sportsbooks. The San Francisco 49ers open as the NFC favorites and the Arizona Cardinals have the longest odds. 

NFC Championship Futures

The NFC Championship is one of the events in the National Football League (NFL) that gains the most attention every season. The winner of the game advances on to represent the National Football Conference (NFC) in the Super Bowl. NFC Championship futures are one of the most prominent markets for NFL futures betting as a result of its importance. 

The NFC Championship typically takes place during the waning weeks of January, exactly two weeks prior to the Super Bowl. The 2023 NFC Championship pitted the San Francisco 49ers against the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia emerged victorious in a lopsided 31 to 7 final score, advancing to the Super Bowl where they went on to lose to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The San Francisco 49ers hold the record for the most NFC Championship victories with 18, four above the second-place franchise, the Dallas Cowboys.

What are NFC Championship Futures?

There are two major betting markets for the NFC Championship futures. Here is a look at both of them:

To Win the NFC Championship

The largest market for NFC Championship futures by a wide margin is the one to bet on the outright winner of the game. This is a market that typically becomes available at the conclusion of the previous season’s Super Bowl. 

The odds associated with the possible wagers are constantly shifting in the off-season and throughout the regular season. The most common reasons for odds shifts are injuries, trades, and other unforeseen circumstances that have an impact on a team or teams. It is guaranteed that the odds for every team to win the NFC Championship will shift one way or another between the previous season’s SuperBowl and when the NFC Championship is played out. 

We recommend tracking NFL breaking news at all times if you have an interest in this market. You have the opportunity to get high-value wagers placed by being readily available to do so.

NFC Championship Matchup Exacta

Placing a wager on the exact matchup and outcome of the NFC Championship game well in advance can be an extremely difficult thing to do given the long odds. However, because it takes a ridiculous amount of precision to hit a bet like this, the possible payouts can be enormous if you are correct.

An example of an NFC Championship matchup exacta wager would be to bet on the Los Angeles Rams to not only face the Green Bay Packers, but to defeat them. This is basically an elaborate parlay with the Rams and Packers both needing to make it to the NFC Championship and the Rams needing to win it. It is an enjoyable experience to make a bet of this nature and watch it as the season goes along.

Many major sportsbooks either do not have this market or have a limited version of it up until Week 16 or 17 of the NFL regular season. However, plenty of the top-rated sportsbooks do have the market for the entire course of the regular season.


The process to place bets on any futures for the NFC Championship is an extraordinarily simple one. The labeling on each of the major sportsbooks’ distinct betting categories make it easy on you to explore and find the exact market you are looking for.

Prospective futures bettors should head into the label for ‘NFL’, then advance on to ‘Futures’, and lastly, ‘NFC Championship’. While these categories might not be exact, there should be some form of a menu that is similar. The beauty of NFC Championship futures betting is that every major sportsbook houses it at some point throughout the year.

On the main page for the NFC Championship futures at any sportsbook, there will be all 16 teams in the conference listed out with associated odds to win the NFC. These odds will shift as previously mentioned, due to unforeseen circumstances and some teams being eliminated from the playoff race. As it pertains to the NFC and exacta wagers, not all combinations will be available at every sportsbook. However, the most likely future matchups will be, with associated odds listed.

Another amazing aspect of NFC Championship futures is that they can be parlayed with other major sports leagues including MLB, NBA, and both college basketball and football. An example of a futures wager parlay would be to have the Minnesota Vikings winning the Super Bowl while also having the Los Angeles Angels to win the World Series and the Georgia Bulldogs to win the NCAA ‘March Madness’ tournament.

There are plenty of different wager types on the NFC Championship game itself. The typical bet types on the moneyline, spread, and game totals are available with many more niche selections as well. There are a wild array of player props and game props including betting on the outcome of the coin toss and whether the final score will end as even or odd.

Player props are steadily becoming the biggest go-to for bettors in the NFL and this relates directly to NFC Championship bets. Passing yards, rushing yards, and receiving yards can all be wagered on. Other popular bet types include first touchdown scorer of the game props and anytime touchdown scorer props.