The Complete NFL Futures Odds Picture: Week 4

By Sidelines Staff   October 1, 2021 

The Complete NFL Futures Odds Picture: Week 4

There have been many unexpected results through the first three weeks of the NFL season, but when perusing the top of the league standings two teams truly stand out. More people had the Panthers opening 0-3 than 3-0 but Matt Rhule and Sam Darnold have the Panthers leading the NFC South. Meanwhile, the Panthers sent Teddy Bridgewater to Denver where he has led the Broncos to the top of the AFC West, a stunning two games ahead of the Chiefs. As far as 0-3 teams are concerned, there are five winless teams, but no one is truly shocked about the Jets, Giants, Lions, or Jaguars being 0-3, but the Colts won 11 games last year and were expected to contend for the AFC South. Let’s take a look at how the NFL futures market has been affected by their surprising starts. 

Stocks Rising

Carolina Panthers Futures Odds Week 4

Current best odds: +5000 (Points Bet)

Three months from now the Carolina Panthers could be 13-0 and most analysts will be guaranteeing that they aren’t actually good and it’s all a mirage. Yes, their three wins include arguably the two worst teams in the league, in the Jets and Texans. But their win against the Saints was a legitimate 19 point victory against a team that has bullied the Packers and Patriots. 

Will Sam Darnold end up leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns like he currently is? No, but he has room for improvement as a QB, as he is just learning coach Matt Rhule’s system and has not even gotten reacquainted with his old Jets teammate Robby Anderdon. 

Does the schedule get tougher for Carolina? Not really. Dallas is explosive but has a suspect defense and games with the Eagles, Giants, and Falcons loom. They don’t play the Bucs until, somehow, December 26 and their only truly tough games are trips to Arizona and Buffalo. This number could get lower if the team wins a public game against Dallas, so if you are a Carolina believer, this might be your best chance. 

Denver Broncos Futures Odds Week 4

Current best odds: +3300 (Fox Bet)

One day we will all look back and realize that Teddy Bridgewater was a really good quarterback. If you take out Teddy B’s rookie season, he has thrown 43 career TD and 24 interceptions while going 23-17 as a starter, despite generally playing for teams with average to below average rosters. 

Bridgewater has yet to throw an interception this season and the Denver defense has picked off the opposing QB four times while just allowing 2 TD passes. The Broncos have outscored their opponents by a margin of 76-26. Granted, their wins are against the Jets. Giants, and Jaguars, three winless teams, but the level of domination has been hard to ignore. 

When does their schedule get tough? Unlike Carolina, it’s happening right away as they will host Baltimore before playing the Steelers, Raiders, and Browns later in October. They don’t play the Chargers or Chiefs until after Thanksgiving, and they could run up a record in the 7-3 range before their Week 11 bye. If you love Denver, this number will either go closer to 40-1 if they lose to Baltimore or hit 28-1 if they knock off the Ravens. 

Stock Falling

Indianapolis Colts Futures Odds Week 4

Current best odds: +10000 (Points Bet)

This one we all sort of saw coming. The news was pretty consistently ominous for the Colts all summer, with Carson Wentz suffering an ankle injury, and their best overall player Quentin Nelson has been banged up multiple times as well. 

The schedule has been unforgiving so far, as they have been competitive in losses to the Seahawks, Rams, and Titans, three extremely likely playoff teams. But with trips to Miami and Baltimore coming up, 0-5 is far from out of the question, and it looks like the Colts could be out of the playoff race before their schedule opens up before they get to the Texas (2x), Jaguars (2x), and Jets portion of their slate. 

The way out of this mess is if Carson Wentz can play through his ankle injury, the Colts split this Miami/Baltimore trip, split their games against the 49ers and Titans to go to 2-5, and then it’s time for the Jets and Jaguars back-to-back. It’s a pretty talented team to have 100-1 Super Bowl odds, but would you want to bet on the Colts to win it all this year at any number? 

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