The Complete NFL Futures Odds Picture: Week 11

By Sidelines Staff   November 21, 2021 

The Complete NFL Futures Odds Picture: Week 11

This might ultimately be remembered as the NFL season where no one is good. We know there are bad teams, the Lions are still winless, the Jets lose by 30 seemingly every week, and the bottom of the AFC South is horrendous. But, every week some team is passed the mantle of best team, and immediately fumbles the ball, both figuratively and literally. So, let’s dig deeper into the NFL futures picture this week and find three sleepers who might rise from mediocrity and become a contender. 

Stocks Rising 

Minnesota Vikings Futures Odds Week 11

Current Best Odds: +10000, Borgata

The Minnesota Vikings have (arguably) the best running back in football, a top-five receiver duo, the best offensive line they’ve had in years, and their quarterback has thrown 18 touchdown passes and two interceptions. Two! 

The Vikings have zero bad losses this season. They lost in Cincinnati by 3 points. They lost to the Cardinals by 1. They lost to the Browns by a touchdown. They lost to Dallas by 4 and Baltimore by 3. Those are five playoff caliber teams and four of those losses were by four points or less. Other than the Lions, Minnesota’s wins are good, they beat Seattle with Russell Wilson by 13, they beat the Panthers in Carolina, and the Chargers in Los Angeles. 

Is it possible this team is good? In a conference where nothing is certain, this might be the sixth best team in the NFC. 

San Francisco 49ers Futures Odds Week 11

Current Best Odds: +10000, Bet MGM

Every question we asked about the Vikings could also apply to the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have lost to the Cardinals twice, the Packers by 2 points, plus the Seahawks and Colts. The 49ers just pulled off one of the best wins in the NFL this season, blowing out a Rams team on Monday Night Football. 

The 49ers aren’t exactly healthy but they are healthier than they were at this point the past few years, and their schedule is about to open wide up. San Francisco will play the Jaguars, then the Vikings and Seahawks, their primary competition for the final NFC wild card spots, and then the schedule calls for the Bengals, Falcons, Titans, and Texans, which should yield two or three wins. 

The 49ers are 4-5 and need to go 5-3, at a minimum, to make the playoffs, but that seems inherently possible with that schedule. 

Stocks Falling

Cincinnati Bengals Futures Odds Week 11

Best Current Odds: +60000, Points Bet

Just when we thought these were not your father’s Cincinnati Bengals, it turns out, they are, in fact, your father’s Cincinnati Bengals. 

The same team that  beat the Vikings, won in Pittsburgh by two touchdowns, and demolished the Ravens in Baltimore, just lost back-to-back games to the Jets and Browns, losing by 25 at home to Cleveland. 

The Bengals had the bye week to consider what has gone wrong, and they can still right the ship with a win in Las Vegas. A loss would be disastrous with games against the Chargers, Chiefs, and Ravens upcoming, so it looks like we’ll find out very soon whose Bengals this team truly is.

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