Ranking Every Week 18 NFL Game

By Akiva Wienerkur   January 2, 2023 

Ranking Every Week 18 NFL Game

  1. Texans at Colts

This game needs to be played with a running clock. 

  1. Panthers at Saints

Steve Wilks has probably done enough to earn the Carolina job. 

  1. Bucs at Falcons

Should see a ton of Blaine Gabbert in this one.

These two gentlemen have combined for 698 career TD passes.
These two gentlemen have combined for 698 career TD passes.
  1. Cardinals at 49ers

David Blough! Brock Purdy! It’s Week 18, baby!

  1. Cowboys at Commanders

Should Dallas rest its players and just head to Tampa next week? They were embarrassed in Week 1 by the Bucs 19-3 in one of the more inexplicable results of the season, in hindsight. 

  1. Vikings at Bears

The Vikings are incentivized to lose this game and get the three seed so they can play the Giants next week.

  1. Ravens at Bengals

The Bengals can win this game and have to play the Ravens again next week. They could also lose this game and play the AFC South winner on the road. Realistically though, if the Bengals lose to the Bills, then the winner of this game will host the loser in the playoffs. Right now, the Bengals Super Bowl futures odds are +800 and the Ravens are +2700.

  1. Chargers at Broncos

Chargers-Jaguars would actually be a sneaky good first round game. 

  1. Chiefs at Raiders

Feels like the Raiders have been playing harder than the Chiefs these past few weeks. 

  1. Browns at Steelers

The Steelers need to win this game (likely), and they need the Patriots to lose to the Bills (very possible) and the Dolphins to lose to the Jets (not happening even if Skylar Thompson starts).

  1. Giants at Eagles

A Giants-Cowboys playoff game would be a delight. There’s never been a bigger lock for the Sunday late game on Wild Card weekend. The Eagles are a whopping -13.5 point favorites over the Giants, who are locked into the sixth seed.

  1. Rams at Seahawks

The Seahawks will complain if the Packers-Lions game is on Sunday night, which would mean the Lions are eliminated if the Seahawks win earlier that day. Simple solution: no one tell Dan Campbell. 

  1. Jets at Dolphins

It’s easy to hate on the Dolphins, but other than the 49ers, who can win with a third string QB? Save your hate for the Jets who gave up on the season three weeks ago. 

Skylar Thompson: Pretty good for a third string QB
Skylar Thompson: Pretty good for a third string QB
  1. Patriots at Bills

If New England wins, this game could be a playoff preview.

  1. Titans at Jaguars

The Titans are so bad the league refused to flex this game despite it being the obvious choice as a win-and-in game. 

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  1. Lions at Packers

Crazy to say it, but Jared Goff’s Lions would be way more interesting to have in the playoffs than Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. 

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